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March 2012 - Suffolk Grades Report

Forty gymnasts from the Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club took part in the annual Suffolk Grading in Ipswich on Sunday 12th February. All forty of the girls aged 7 – 14 years old passed their grade, ranging in level from 1-5. A coach from the club said ‘The girls all performed exceptionally well, we are delighted with the results. It is rate to achieve a 100% pass rate, especially considering a number of them have only been involved in a competition group for less than 3 months’.


Teri Pearman (5) 58.20;   Evie Nicholas (5) 53.15;   Chloe lake (4) 59.40;   Christabelle Manning (4) 59.05;   Leah Rogers (4) 58.15;
Megan Eke (4) 55.30;    Niamh Leeson (4) 51.65;   Anna Wallace (3) 56.55;   Elena Pilgrim (3) 56.45;   Neev Sweeney (3) 55.95;
Zoe Winter (3) 55.65;   Amy Baker (3) 54.55;    Rachel Froud (3) 52.90;   Esme Cleaver (3) 50.00;   Eleanor Rainford (2) 57.65;
Ciara Leeson (2) 57.50;   Phoebe Maddever (2) 57.40;   Ruby Cooper (2) 57.40;   Olivia Starr (2) 57.30;   Lois Pilgrim (1) 59.15;
Maisy Freeman (1) 56.70;   Rachel Beare (1) 56.53;   Brooke Neary (1) 56.40;   Anna Berry (1) 55.60;   Ysabelle Grovesmith (1) 55.13;
Kati Masson (1) 55.05;   Lauren Cocksedge (1) 54.10;   Madison Starling (1) 54.00;   Megan Owen (1) 53.95;   Ellen Davis (1) 53.90;
Chante Brown (1) 53.35;   Zoe Stewart (1) 53.10;   Saskia Wootton (1) 52.80;   Aimee Morris (1) 52.60;   Kyla Essex (1) 52.35;
Emily Weston (1) 52.30;   Shannon Ambrose (1) 51.25;   Julia Bullen (1) 50.10;   Caitlin Stiff (1) 50.05;   Evelyn Stiff (1) 50.00

Congratulations to all the gymnasts who took part and can now progress to the next grade.

March & April 2012

April 2012

Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club was represented by 13 gymnasts in the recent British Gymnastics regional club grading programme held in Ipswich.  The gymnasts performed exceptionally well.  All the gymnasts passed their grade with four passing with a distinction level performance.

In the grade 14, 8-9 age group, Millie Gale placed an impressive 3rd with a score of 59.40 securing her a place in the forth coming regional final.  Also competing in this age category were Mallory Starks scoring 55.10 and Aimee Meyers with a score of 52.85.

Four gymnasts took part in the grade 13, 9-10 age group.  Milly Richards scored 57.15 to gain 3rd place narrowly missing out on the title due to an uncharacteristic fall from the beam; however qualifying 3rd ensured her a place at the regional final.  Team mate Danielle Tabios scored 56.50 to gain reserve spot for the finals.  Gwyndolyn Gallagher ranked 6th in the same category and with a score of 11.20 on her range and conditioning set attained a distinction level.  Also competing in this level was Phoebe Hill who also passed her grade with ease with a score of 52.75 despite training fewer hours than the other competitors.

In the grade 12, 10-11 age group, Tilly Leighton narrowly missed out on a place in the regional finals with a score of 45.95, this was however enough to gain her a distinction.  In a closely fought level Eleanor Heath placed 6th with a score of 45.25 which also gained her a distinction. Meagan Kiefer also participated in this age group and passed with a score of 41.50.

Niamh Gill-Ryan was the only clubs representative in the grade 12, 12+ age group.  With a consistent and elegant performance she finished in 2nd place with a distinction and score of 46.70.

Katie-May Jones took part in the grade 11, 10-11 age group she performed well to pass with a score of 40.35 and gain 3rd place even though she trains less hours than the other competitors in her field.

The final representative from the club was Alice Batchelor in the grade 10, 12+ age group.  She passed with a score of 43.85 gaining her 2nd place in the competition and a sought after spot in the regional finals.

These were fantastic results with five gymnasts qualifying for the regional final to be held in Ipswich on Sunday and two gymnasts taking reserve places for this event.